Corporate Identity Packages

One of the first and most important decisions you’ll make as a business owner is choosing your business name. Aside from the legal implications, your company’s corporate graphic or visual identity

  • must clearly represent the products and/or services you offer
  • should graphically capture your intended company persona
  • must be versatile enough to withstand fluctuations in your industry, such as mandated product changes
  • should be flexible enough to continue to properly identify your company if and when it changes ownership in the future
  • must reproduce cleanly at any size, from an imprint on a pen or flash drive to covering the side of a building

The Word Forge has experience in all phases of corporate identity development, including

  • helping choose an appropriate name
  • creating a graphic symbol and logotype
  • suggesting effective color schemes
  • establishing reproduction standards
  • developing application guidelines and manuals

We understand small businesses, and respect that you may wish to keep it simple and won’t need all those elements, so we won’t push anything on you that you really don’t need. Our involvement in your corporate identity efforts can be as deep or as casual as you’re comfortable with, from taking full ownership of the project to deliver complete turnkey management and production, to working with you in a simple ad hoc consultancy function. However we get there, by the time we’re done, you’ll have a name and graphic identity that make you proud, and digital assets in every format you’ll ever need to establish and maintain a powerful and effective brand in the marketplace.

See what we’ve created for some of our corporate identity clients in our Portfolio section.