Mary Shafer consults with small and micro-business owners through The Word Forge on an hourly basis. She helps these professionals take their marketing to the next level using the “Super Seven” tools in any successful marketer’s kit:

  1. Marketing Review & Analysis – Learn what you’re doing right and what could be improved, in your current campaigns and materials.
  2. Concepts and Strategy – Identify and prioritize your marketing goals, then let The Word Forge hammer out compelling messaging.
  3. Publicity and Public Relations – Add this low-cost, high-return channel to your promotional messaging.
  4. Social Media – Make no-cost channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and blogging work hard to achieve business results.
  5. Technology – Discover how you can leverage low- and no-cost solutions to create more time for you to do what you do best.
  6. Marketing Plans – Maximize efficiency and effectiveness with planned integration of your marketing efforts.
  7. The Marketing Mindset™ – Think like a marketing pro and consider the promotional opportunities in all business decisions.

Our Consulting Philosophy

Consulting is delivered however you’re most comfortable, from advice-only Skype sessions to hands-on work in the trenches of the creative and production processes. And our goal isn’t to make you dependent on us, but to coach you well enough that you can eventually make the smartest marketing decisions and employ the most effective promotional tactics on your own. We feel we’ve achieved success when we work ourselves out of a job…but don’t worry, we’ll always be here if you need us.