We hammer out real value for our marketing and editorial clients.

Mary Shafer, marketing consultant and commercial copywriter
Word Forge CEO
Mary Shafer

The Word Forge is my freelance marketing consultancy and commercial copywriting shop. In addition to creating hard-hitting, compelling copy for your marketing, publicity or institutional materials, our freelance team offers full-service, turnkey solutions to your projects in

  • marketing & publicity
  • editorial & publishing

Not in a position to enter a regular relationship with an advertising or marketing agency?

Still need a polished image and contemporary market communications strategy to compete effectively?

No problem! Call on our expertise only when you need it. We provide access to top creative talent, and you skip the overhead of an inhouse staff. In short: all the benefits, none of the hassle. Over three decades, I’ve honed an instinct for getting to the core of a challenge, so we’ll get right to work. My dedication to traditional craft and work ethic means a respect for your budgets and schedules. I’ve also developed a healthy sense of humor about myself and this crazy business, so I’m easy—and hopefully fun—to work with.

Other benefits of working with The Word Forge:

  • Fresh, objective ideas only an outside perspective can bring
  • The confidence of leaving your communications to a professional team, while you get back to what you do best — running your company.
  • Consummate craftsmanship from a team that never forgets its job isn’t to create art, but effective communication with measurable results
  • Guidance based on up-to-date knowledge of what works and your best options among available technologies

So give us a call at 610-847-2456 or shoot us an email at wordsmith AT thewordforge.com, and let’s talk about how we can hammer out value for you.